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Q: How many junior soccer players are on the field in a game?
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What contribution did soccer players make that made soccer part of history?

I've been playing for six years. (and still counting!) Soccer players have just been known to be really into the game. Unlike football, baseball, hockey, etc, players, soccer players have a passion for their game and want to play it almost everyday! My opinion is that soccer is the best sport anyone could ask for! All you really need to start the game is a couple of girls/guys, a ball, and anything, anything, to use for the goals. If you play soccer, I hope you agree!! WOO - HOO! GO Manchester United! (EPL)

What came first hockey or soccer?

That depends on whether you are referring to Ice Hockey or Field Hockey. Soccer originated with the ancient game of Harpastum, played by the Roman Legions, while Ice Hockey was invented in Canada in the 19th Century. Field Hockey, on the other hand is known to have been played in Ancient Greece at the Olympic Games. There is a monument in the museum at Olympia which depicts two players with typical curved field hockey sticks in a face-off position and a ball between them.

What is soccer the game?

Soccer is a game played on a rectangular field with net goals at either end in which two teams of 11 players each try to get a ball into the other team's goal by kicking, heading, or using any part of the body except the arms and hands. The goalie is the only player who can touch or move the ball with his arms or hands.

How many are there in soccer?

There are normally 11 players on a team at the beginning of a match. But there are exceptions. Let's jump around a bit and perhaps learn some things. The Laws of the Game permit a team to enter a match with a minimum of 7 players. If this team cannot produce more players, it can still begin the match. So 7, 8, 9, or 10 players can begin a game. (The other team doesn't have to play "at reduced strength" just because the first team is short of players.) If a team in a match has one of its players sent off (red carded), it must now "play short" and make do with 10 players. Another send-off will reduce that teams numbers yet again. Should the team be at 7 (either from the start of the match or from "attrition" due to red cards, another red card will mandate the termination of the match. (The team that has fewer than 7 players forfeits the match.) There are other "kinds" of soccer (beach soccer, indoor soccer and such) where the teams begin with 5 or 7 or however many players the governing body sponsoring the match designates. Also, short-sided games can be played in competitions where 5 vs. 5 or 7 vs. 7 or another "set" number of players takes to the field. (And the size of the fields is reduced, either a little or a lot.) The objectives and ideas of the sponsors and the cooperation of the players and teams is blended so that "the essence of the game" can be played in a modified format to fit location, players (their age and/or abilities), or anything else. (Imagine a full-sized soccer field laid out on a sandy beach and two teams of 11 going at it. Probably not cool. Different, but probably not cool.) Some "careful" and "respectful" modifications to the game are made all the time. It's about the players and the spirit of the game. How can a sponsoring organization serve them both? Modifications are permitted for this purpose.

What is the objective of the game soccer?

To kick the ball into the square posts at either end of the field.

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How the SOCCER field apply the game?

The Soccer field is what the game is played on! It is what the ball moves on, the players tromp about on and what football is played on. It obviously is applied in the game.

What are structures of a soccer game?

the net the players the referee the field the ball

How many girls play on the field during a U9 soccer game?

The usual number of girls that play on the field during a U9 soccer game is 6 players.

How many players in a soccer game on the field?

22. There are 11 on each time.

Is there a minimum of soccer players to be on the field in a game?

5, before they lose by forfeit

How many players from each team take the field in a soccer game?

11 players (including the goalie) take the field from each team.

How many field players are there per side to start a soccer game?

There are 11 players on each side at the beginning of a game. This includes 10 outfield players and 1 goalie.

How many players on field football game?

soccer is 22 don't have a clue for American football

Which sport do you run more soccer or basketball?

Soccer Players. The field is much larger, and endurance is a much larger factor in soccer. Soccer games are also MUCH longer than basketball games, no matter what level you're playing in. Also, there are only 3 substitutions allowed the whole soccer match as opposed to unlimited in basketball. Basketball players run an average of 5 miles per game while soccer players run 7 miles per game.

People in a soccer team?

There are eleven players on a soccer team.In a full game of soccer for u-13s and older there is 11 people from each team on the field at a time. On the whole team there is usually 15-20 players.

How many players are on a field in pro soccer?

There are 11 players for each team in a pro soccer game. (including the goalie). Unless someone gets a card and has to come off. Then they play short.

Two players on the on the field in this position?

which game are we talking about?in soccer,for example,there are two goalkeepers. In cricket, there are two batsmen.