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Q: How many jump jets does the USMC have?
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What is a harrier jump jets engine called?

The Pegasus

Who did the sharks jump at the movie theatre in west side story?

the jets :D

Where can one find images of USMC tattoos?

USMC tattoos are found in many tattoo website galleries. Websites that include USMC tattoos are: Grunt, TattooJohnny, Slodive, Pintrest, and Photobucket.

What is a 4 letter word begins with j?

Joop, Jump, Jeap, Jack, Jake, Just, jets

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How many syllables does jets have?

Jets only has one syllable.

What is faster a lice or a jet?

a lice because, a normal jet can go about 320mph, and a lice can jump 1000ft 1800mph and miles per jump

Why does Winnipeg Jets has so many fans?

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How many jets where sent by japan in pearl harbor?

They did not have jets in WW2

How many Fighter jets china has?

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How many games have the jets played?

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What is unique about the Harrier Jump Jet?

The Harrier Jump Jet is capable of vertical liftoff. It is also unique from most modern-day jets because it does not have the ability to travel at supersonic speeds.