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I could not find an actual entry that says "IL teams play xxx games per season", but on the International League website, you can download a schedule matrix which tells you the schedule of every team in the IL on one page. Near the upper right-hand corner of the page it says 144 games. And I live near Durham, NC, and enjoy following the Durham Bulls, and as of 9/6/2009, they have played 142 games and have 2 left. I have seen a couple of unconfirmed entries that state they play 140-144 games, but I can't confirm that. 144 is for regular season games, and does not include two rounds of playoffs, each a best-of-5 series.

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Q: How many international league baseball games are there in a season?
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How many games does major league baseball season have?


How many baseball games in a regular season?

There are a total of 162 games for each Major League Baseball team during the Regular Season.

How many regular season games are in a major league baseball season?

There are 162 games in a team's regular season.

How many games are on a major league baseball season schedule?


How long is the Major League Baseball regular season?

162 games

How many games are in Major League Baseball?

162 in a regular season

How many games in a Major League Baseball season?


How many games are in the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season?

A standard MLB regular season has 162 games.

What seasons in the US are Major League Baseball games played in?

Major League Baseball has a season that begins in the Spring, runs through the Summer and ends in the Fall. The last games of the season are the World Series games. They normally end by mid October.

How many months is the Major League Baseball season?

Baseball season is 6 months long and each team plays 162 games.

What are regular season baseball games between the American league and national league called?

Regular season baseball games between the American League and National League are simply referred to as "interleague games." These games occur when teams from the two leagues face each other during the regular season, rather than during the World Series or All-Star Game.

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