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In 15 games for England, Andy Cole scored only 1 goal (away to Albania in March 2001; England won 3-1)

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Q: How many international goals did Andy Cole score?
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Who was the 1st person to score 5 goals in the premier league?

Andy cole for man utd i think

How many goals did Andy Cole score when Man Utd beat Ipswich 9-0?


Did Andy cole score for arsenal?

Andy Cole did not score for Arsenal in the single appearance he made for the team in the 1990-91 season.

Who scored more than goals Andy Cole in the league?

Alan shearer has scored 260 goals compared to Andy Cole's 187

Which player has the Highest number of goals in a premier league season?

Both Andy Cole and Alan Shearer have both scored 34 goals in a season. Andy Cole in 93/94 for Newcastle, and Shearer for Blackburn in 94/95.

Who scored 162 premiership goals before receiving a England cap?

Andy Cole

Who scored 5 goals in man you V ipswich 9 0 win?

Andy Cole

What English player has scored over 100 goals in Premiership but never played for England?

Andy Cole

What black footballers have scored 100 premiership goals not including penalties?

It is Andy cole and Emile Heskey.

Player to score maximum goals in EPL?

Alan Shearer holds the English Premier league scoring record with 260 goals. The distant second is Andy Cole with 187. The top scoring player still playing in the premier league is Michael Owen of Manchester United, with 146 career league goals.

Three players shared the golden boot who were they?

In the E.P.L it is Alan Shearer, Andy Cole 34 goals each.

How many appearance has Andy cole made for Manchester United?

He made 195 appearances scoring 93 goals.