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Becks has been capped by England 115 times

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Q: How many international caps has david beckham got?
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How many caps has David Beckham won for England?

David Beckham has over 107 caps.

How many caps has David Beckham had for England?


How many caps does backham have for engalnd?

David Beckham hasaa atotal 109 caps for England he has over taken sir Bobby Moores 106 caps.

How many boys does David Beckham have?

David beckham has 3 boys from what i have known.

How many kids does David Beckham have?

David Beckham has 4 children

How many players have won over 100 caps for England atsoccer?

Just five players Peter Shilton - 125 caps David Beckham - 115 caps Bobby Moore - 108 caps Bobby Charlton - 106 caps Billy Wright - 105 caps

How many years is David Beckham playing football?

david beckham is playing football for 10 yeras

How many times has David Beckham changed teams?

David Beckham changed teams 3 times

How many goles did David Beckham score for England?

David Beckham has scored 12 goals for England.

How many managers has David Beckham played under?

David Beckham has played under 6 managers

How many years have Victoria and David Beckham been married for?

David beckham and Victoria beckham have been married since the 4th of July 1999

How many times was David Beckham captin for England?

David Beckham has been captain for England three times

What is capping in English football?

you get a cap for each game you get. Example David Beckham has 115 caps for England so he has played 115 games for England. just so you don't get confused caps are not objects they are just a nickname for how many games you have played. :-)

How many years did David Beckham play for Real Madrid?

David Beckham played only one year at Real Madrid.

How many times has David Beckham won in the World Cup?

England never won in the World Cup with David Beckham. The last time they won was in 1966, long before Beckham.

How many tattoos does David Beckham have?

he has 17!

How many girlfriends has David Beckham had?


How many lamborghinis does David Beckham have?


How many degrees did David Beckham have?


How many goals did beckham scored in his career to date?

david beckham has scored 94 goals

How many caps did cech get for Czech Republic?

He currently has 67 international caps.

How many pairs of shoes does David Beckham have?


How many games have David Beckham won?


How many games did David Beckham win?


How many injuries has David Beckham sustained?