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Q: How many innings were played in volleyball?
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How many innings in volleyball?

there are 12 people on the court at once, 6 people on each side.

How many innings are played in a division 1 collegiate baseball game?

9 innings

How many innings are played in a complete game of baseball and how won the words series this year?

9 innings played. and sf giants

How many years has volleyball been played?

volleyball has been played for 114 years

How many innings must be played in the World Series to make a complete baseball game?

Five innings

How is base ball played in the innings or quarters?


How many innings played Sachin tendulkar in test carrier?


What is the difference between an outdoor volleyball and an inside volleyball?

outdoor volleyball is played by the beach. Inside volleyball is played by the gym.

How many innings have to be played in baseball to have the game count if not all 9 innings are able to be played?

it could go to 20 inings just one team has to win in the bottom of the whatever ining

When was volleyball first played?

Volleyball was first played in 1896.

What is volleyball played on?

Typically Volleyball is played on a wooden gym floor, but it can be played on many surfaces such as a plastic material called "Sport Court" which is easily assembled and disassembled for tournament play in non gym venues. Also, volleyball can be played in the sand.

How many One Day Internationals and test matches Sachin Tendulkar have played for India?

658 Matches 773 Innings ODI 463 Matches 452 Innings Test 194 Matches 320 Innings