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The number depends on the type of tunnel.

There were a reported 12,817 injuries from indoor skydiving tunnels worldwide last year with all of them resulting from tunnels with fans at the bottom, including those made by BodyFlying Airodium AG in Switzerland, Aerodium Technologies in Latvia, Portable Wind Tunnels, LLC and Vertical Wind Tunnel Corporation in United States, Free Flight in Australia (which has since closed its tunnel).

Open top wind tunnels are the most dangerous and vortex producing tunnels like those found in Shanghai, China, Las Vegas, Nevada, and in some amusement parks are increasingly dangerous. Many deaths have occurred from people falling over the side or down the sides or dropping quickly when the turbine, which is located at the bottom or sides, shuts off.

Here is a video of what ended up being a very bad accident.

The only safe vertical wind tunnels are those operated by SkyVentures, PacAirVentures, and under the brand name iFLY. There have been no reported incidents of insurance claims in their more than 10 year history. This is largely due to the design and safety measures built into their tunnels. It may also be due to their extensive training of instructors, two of which are present for every flight.

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Q: How many injuries per year in indoor skydiving?
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