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10 inches

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Q: How many inches does Yao Ming need to jump in order to dunk?
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Does Yao Ming got to jump to dunk?

Yes Yao Ming has to jump to dunk. Only four inches though, his height is listed as 7'5" or 7'6" and his standing reach is listed as 9'8". Therefore he needs only four inches to reach the regulation height 10' basketball rim.

How high does a 6 foot guy need to dunk?

you need to jump about 27 inches off the ground

What can i dunk?

you can dunk anything as long as you jump and hold it like a basketball

What is a vertical dunk?

it's when you jump straight up and dunk a basketball

Does a dunk count if it hits the ring?

a dunk is a dunk as long as you jump to the hoop and slam the basket ball in the hoop if it misses then its not

What is the proper definition of slam dunk?

A slam dunk is a basketball shot. In order to perform one, the player has to jump and then manually put the ball through the basket, while one (or both) hands are over the rim. The slam dunk was formerly known as dunk shot.

What is the Dunk in Basketball?

you jump up and throw the ball in

How high do you need to jump to dunk it?

High enough

How do you dunk a basketball in a basketball hoop?

You have to jump high and dunk the ball. You have to have hops if you want to dunk on a 10 foot hoop and you need strength.

How high can yao ming jump?

Even though Yao Ming did not often have to jump and rarely did jump he was known to have a 15 inch vertical at one point

How high does a 6 foot 1 inch person with a 25 inch vertical need to dunk?

Depends on the length of your arms but on average you would have to jump about 6 inches higher to be able to stuff a dunk with two hands

Do you need to be small do a dunk?

Definitely not. You can be any size, as long as you can jump high enough to dunk the ball.

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