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There are many kinds of dunks. Let's assume Kobe Bryant a simple dunk - one made by standing directly under the basket and jumping vertically for the stuff. Since Kobe's hand touches the basket after he jumps, we have to compute for the distance between the ring and his vertically stretched arm.

10 feet (height of NBA basket) + 6 inches (extra height necessary to stuff the ball) - 6 feet (kobe's shoulder height) - 2 feet 6 inches (kobe's vertical arm length) =2 feet.

Kobe Bryant jumps approximately 24 inches to make a dunk. Add a few inches for the more spectacular dunks where he has to jump a little higher.

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42 inches

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1.5 m

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Q: How many inches does Kobe Bryant Jump to Dunk a Basketball?
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What can i dunk?

you can dunk anything as long as you jump and hold it like a basketball

What is a vertical dunk?

it's when you jump straight up and dunk a basketball

What is the Dunk in Basketball?

you jump up and throw the ball in

Does Yao Ming got to jump to dunk?

Yes Yao Ming has to jump to dunk. Only four inches though, his height is listed as 7'5" or 7'6" and his standing reach is listed as 9'8". Therefore he needs only four inches to reach the regulation height 10' basketball rim.

How many inches does Yao Ming need to jump in order to dunk?

10 inches

How can someone at 5 foot 8 dunk a 10 foot basketball goal?

You jump

How do you do Kobe Bryant basketball trick?

There is no 'Kobe Bryant basketball trick' but does a variety of signature moves if that is what you mean, h

You are 6'3 195 lbs how do you dunk a basketball?

Just jump and dunk; there is no other way to explain it. If you want to know how to increase your ability to dunk, buy a pair of stretch bands. They will increase your vertical jump in a few weeks of use.

How do you make a slam dunk on air raid basketball?

this how you do run up to the net jump shune

How high does a 5'4 '' must jump to dunk a ball on a basketball rim?

a standard size basketball rim is 10 feet high so it depends on how high you can jump and how long your arms are

How short is the shortest height at which a person is capable of dunking a 10 foot tall basketball goal?

A person can be 3 feet 6 inches tall and dunk a basketball by training themselves hard enough to give a 52 inch vertical jump

How can you dunk a basketball?

By being able to jump high enough to stuff the ball over the rim and into the net. Requires a great vertical jump and timing and technique.