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By illegitimate, I presume you refer to a no-ball or a wide. Under current rules an over contains 6 balls. Some years back, 8-ball overs were used in Australia if nowhere else. For an over to be complete, 6-balls not including a wide or no-ball must be bowled. If an illegitimate ball is bowled, it must be rebowled. The most illegitimate balls bowled in one over was an over bowled by Curtly Ambrose in his final test on Australian soil which contained 9 no-balls - a total of 15 balls.

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Q: How many illegitimate balls in an over in a cricket match?
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How many balls are required in a cricket match?

just 1... there are 2 balls per guy and there are 11 guys on a team . 2 teams. 44 balls

How many balls are there in a cricket over?

There are 6 balls in a cricket over. No matter what type of cricket game you play. However, if you bowl wide or no ball then you will have to bowl that particular ball again but you also gave 2 extra runs for your opposition.

How many balls in an over in junior cricket?

The junior over in cricket is the same as adult 6 balls an over

In the game cricket how many balls are in an over?

There are six balls in an over.

How many refrees are in cricket match?

there are 3

How many kinds of balls can be delivered in cricket?

many, many types of balls can be delivered it depends on the type of bowler yo are

Excitement in an T20 cricket match?

many sixes

In cricket how many balls per over did they have in Australia fifty years ago?

Fifty years ago Australian cricket teams had eight balls in an over.

How many years ago cricket match was start?

100 years ago cricket started

What is the essay of common wealth games in sanskrit?

Many sport games are interesting and joyful but i like cricket the most.Cricket is as same to the players as songs to the singers and music to the musician. Cricket match is always played between two has three forms till now.One Day Cricket match , Test or five day cricket match and T20 Cricket match. One day cricket match consists of 100 overs , Test Cricket consists of 450 overs at the maximum and twenty twenty cricket has 40 overs in a match.

How many balls are bowled in a cricket match?

Sixballs to an over.Historically, this number has changed over time, starting with four balls to an over, then growing to five in 1889 and to the modern six in 1900.Sporadically throughout the 20th century, eight-ball over had been trialed, but the practice was eventually abandoned, and as of 2000, the Laws of Cricket specify a six-ball over.

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