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Q: How many houses were destroyed to build the birds nest in Beijing stadium?
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What is the Olympics stadium called in Beijing?

Beijing's Olympic Stadium is known as the Birds Nest

What is the Beijing National Stadium nickname?

The Birds Nest

What is the name of the stadium for the Beijing Olympic games?

The Beijing National Stadium. Commonly known as the Birds Nest. (This is not the official name).

What is the name given to beijing's new national stadium?

The birds nest.

What is the name of the Beijing Olympic Stadium?

The Beijing National Olympic Stadium. It is also commonly known as The Birds Nest because it's shaped like a birds nest.Also it was known as The Olympic Green.

What happened to the Beijing Olympic stadium?

nothing happend and its called the birds nest

Who made the Birds Nest National Stadium in Beijing China?

thousand of migrant workers

Name the stadium of Beijing where Olympics 2008 took place?

The Birds Nest hope that is ok :)

What is the birds nest in the Olympics?

That is the nickname for the Beijing National Stadium, the main track and field stadium and the stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies will be held for the 2008 Summer Olympics. wow!

Why is the Beijing olympic stadium shaped like a birds nest?

somebody thought of the idea i am doing my home work about Beijing so somebody help me on the discussion page!

Why is the national stadium in Beijing called the bird nest?

The name came from the massive steel framework building around the stadium made it look like a birds nest.

What activities took place in the birds nest at beijing 2008?

The stadium in Beijing, China is also known as the Bird's Nest. It was designed for and used throughout the 2008 Summer Olympics

How much money was spent on the Beijing stadium the birds nest?

$40 000 000 000 $40 000 000 000

How many people can the Beijing olympic stadium hold?

Well, The Birds Nest can hold up to 91,000 people at a squash. But it can comfortably hold 80,000.

What is Beijing nicknamed?

The Birds Nest

Why is the Beijing national stadium called the bird cage?

Because the design is based on a birds nest. If you look at the contruction of an actual birds nest it is very similar to the bird cage. Especially if viewed from the air.

What is the birds nest stadium in Beijing made of?

It is made of:SteelConcreteThose are the two main materials. It may consist of more, such as plastic but find a reasonable source to verify.Sorry.

Facts about the birds nest Beijing?

it looks like a birds nest

What is the nickname of the Beijing Olympics?

Birds Nest

What is the birds nest?

"Bird's Nest" is the nick name of The Beijing National Stadium in China, home of the Summer Olympics 2008, it's called the Birds nest because of it's architecture, the construction looks like a nest.

The birds nest stadium?

the Chinese stadium of course

What is Beijings olympic stadium named?

the birds nest stadium

What is the most significant aspect of the Beijing olympic games?

the most significant thing about the 2008 Olympics was the fireworks and how the stadium looked liike a birds nest. the horse riding was fantastic

Where is the birds nest stadium?


Why is the US boycotting the 2008 Olympics?

The US was boycotting the 2008 olympic games because they didn't like the way that the builders of the Birds Nest Stadium were being teated. they weren't provided with any safety exept a helmet which was optional. Also the space that the stadium was made used to have houses there and these houses were demolished without permision and this is where the stadium was built