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For womens it can last up to 3 hours (playing 3 sets) - however the average is about 2 - and for mens it can go up to 5 hours (playing 5 sets) but the average is about 3 and 1/2 Hope this is what you were looking for!

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Q: How many hours does it take to play a tennis match?
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How many people can play tennis in one match?


Can a Woman play in a mens Tennis Double match?


How many games in a match of table tennis?

In the Olympics, the match is a best 4 of 7 games.

Ralph spends 15 1 3 hours per month playing tennis How many hours does he play tennis in a year?

12 x 46/3 = 184 hours

How many people can play in tennis?

YOu need two people for a singles match and four people for a doubles match.

Who did Blaine Willenborg play in his last professional tennis match?

Blaine Willenborg in his last professional tennis match lost in a doubles match during a somewhat of a comback against Vincent Spedia and his partner.

Can you play singles match on Wii sports tennis?

yes look at it in youtube

How do you play match point tennis?

Match point is played just like any other point in tennis, where the server must serve into the opposite service box on the receiver's side, but if the person with the match point wins the point, the match is over.

How many phases of play are there in tennis?

There are 5 phases of play in tennis

In tennis how many games does one player play a day?

Usually in the major tournaments one player plays one match in a day.

How many miles does a tennis player cover during a 3-set pro match?

The amount of miles that a tennis player covers during a 3-set pro match completely depends on the player and how match they move around when they play. The area covered could vary greatly depending on the player.

How many people are playing during a doubles match?

A doubles match can be played in games such a tennis, badminton or ping pong.Doubles means two people play on each team.There will always be two teams, so that means a total of four people play in a doubles match.