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ronaldo train 9 hours a day to get that good

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Q: How many hours did the Brazilian Ronaldo train everyday and week to become a professional soccer player?
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Why did Cristiano Ronaldo become professional?

Because the tricks of football that he made.

When did ronaldo become famous?

because he did

How long do you have to go to collage to become a pro soccer player?

You need not go to school and college to be a football star. Take the Brazilian stars and Ronaldo they never attended school. But they had sacks of talent and in football that is all that is needed.

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Was it hard for Cristiano Ronaldo to become famous?

No it was not at all hard for Ronaldo to become famous as at the tender ageof 22 he wasalready famous at Manchester United.

Who helped Cristiano Ronaldo become a footballer?

His father

How did Cristiano Ronaldo become famous?

Because of his hottness

When did Cristiano Ronaldo become the best player?


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Who inspried christiano ronaldo to become a soccer player?

I think Ronaldo's Father inspired him b/c he always thinks abt his father whenever he wins any award

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