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fok you

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Q: How many hours a day does David Beckham train for football?
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How often does David Beckham train?

he only trains once a week:)

How often do people train for football?

football train for 4 hours a day

How many times a week does david beckham train?

he has to practice once a dayyyy......thats a lot for 1 person

How many hours do pro- football players train and how often?

2 or 3 hours a week

How many times do professional football teams train for?

they train for about 2 hours everyday apart from sundays.

How many times does David Beckham train for soccer?

He trains once a day almost every day. He's my soccer hero!!

Hours per week that epl players train?

The English Premiere League (EPL) has some of the best football players in the world. These players train at least 12 hours a week if not more.

How do football players train for football?

Get in shape.

What do football coaches do?

They train the team.

How long should10 year old boys train for football?

1 to 2 or maybe 3 hours a day depending on the child's size

How long does it take to get from Madrid to Paris by train?

This depends on if you take a bullet train or regular train. Regular train is actually about 13 hours. 5 hours

How many hours from Paris to Madrid by train?

it takes around 9 hours (overnight train)

How many hours by train from rome to milan?

An express train from Rome to Milan takes about three hours. A normal train may take between four and five hours.

How do you improve accuracy in football?

You train and practice.

How many hours does a college football team train?

It depends. It's as much the coach(es) want it to be as long it doesn't interfere with their schoolwork. I'm estimating 30 min to about 2 hours.

How many hours is Manchester from London by bus and by train?

Around 4.5 hours by bus and around 2:15 hours by train.

How long by train from Budapest to Ljubljana?

Is about 9 hours by train.

How many hours by train from derby to London?

Between one and a half and two hours depending on which train you get.

If train A leaves station A at 80 mph and train B leaves station A 2 hours later at 95 mph when wil train b catch train a?

Train B Will Catch Up To Train A In 11 Hours.

What has the author David Sohn written?

David Sohn has written: 'How to train your dog'

How many hours a day do boxers train?

They train between 70-95 hours a week. They are hard workers.

How far is Budapest from Brno?

it is around 4 hours journey by train it is around 4 hours journey by train

How many hours a day does Beth tweddle train for gymnastics?

she trains 5 hours a day but does not train on a Sunday.

How many hours should rugby players train per day?

most train 4 to 6 hours

Chip street football on Facebook?

chip train player street football on facebook