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a 125 makes around 25 horsepower

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Q: How many horsepower in a 125cc dirt bike?
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Where is the timor on a 125cc motorbike?

There is not a timer on the dirt bike itself, you have to take it to a retailer and have them plug a machine into the computer of the dirt bike, it will display how many hours (off brands such as baja generally dont have the computer capability to read out how many hours are on the bike) for a street bike, you have to apply generally the same process

How many miles on a full tank of fuel do you get from a 125cc bike?


How many horsepower is 125cc go kart engine?

around 5 or 6 horsepower. my Yamaha grizzly 125 has 5 horses.

What are the parts of a dirt bike?

There are many different parts to a dirt bike. Some of the parts of a dirt bike?æinclude the wheels, handle bars and seat.?æ

How many break horsepower does a Honda Cr 85 have?

This bike has about 18 horsepower

How many gears does a dirt bike have?

4 to 6

How many levels are there on max dirt bike?


How many dirt bike crashes a year?


How many horsepower is 205 cc?

Horsepower and cc(size of engine) do not relate like that. It could be a slow moving lawnmower engine of 5-6 hp or a highly tuned dirt bike engine of 30 or more hp.

How many different compound materials make up a dirt bike?

Depends on the bike.

How tall is a 125cc dirt bike?

it depends. there are many sizes and difrent kinds of 125's. Every single bike is diffrent. look at the suzuki RM125 which is about 37.4 inches in seat height. then look at another brand of 125, like the Yamaha ttr125 is only 30.5 inches. if it is a pit bike, it might only be about 20 inches. depending on the bike

Is a Honda crf100f a good dirt bike how many mph can a 100cc dirt bike go?

55 stock - 62 with taller gearing.

How many players are needed to play the game Dirt Bike 2?

Dirt Bike 2 is a game for 1 player. Dirt Bike 2 is a popular game and is very popular by young people around 15-19 years old. You can play it for free on many websites.

How many gears does an xr 100 Honda dirt bike have?


How many gears does a 70cc daymak dirt bike have?

2 gears

How many gears does a zx1 dirt bike 110 cc?


How many cc does a dirt bike have to have to race?

I have a Honda CRF 150f dirt bike 2006 age 13 . I need to race ? . I got all the gear i need.

How do you get to a piston on a KX 250 dirt bike?

Order it from dirt bike bandit they sell all stock parts for dirtbikes, atvs, ruvs, and such ive bought many pistons from them

How many gallons of gas does a dirt bike hold?

The average amount of gallons a dirt bike can hold is around 2.1 gallons

How many deaths are there per year due to dirt bike accidents?


How many spark plugs does a 03 suzuki gsxr 750 have?

An 03 Suzuki gsxr 750 is a dirt bike. This type of dirt bike has only one spark plug in the motor.

Weight limit on a 50cc dirt bike?

A 50cc dirt bike doesn't technically have a weight limit. There are many full grown adults weighing in excess of 200 pounds which own and ride dirt bikes of this engine size.

Will a 80cc dirt bike fit in a Tahoe?

There are many sizes of dirt bikes that will fit in a Tahoe. You might have to remove the wheels to get some to fit.

Where can you ride a dirt bike?

Most city have designated areas for dirt bikes and 4-wheelers. Many choose to ride these bike on private property as most dirt bikes are not street legal machines.On fields, dirt. Almost Anyware Sept roads beaches and tresspass non areasoffroad

How many dirt bike rider are there?

Millions!! as a matter of fact we have enough so don't go buy a bike because there is no room for you in our would.