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53.7 hp

anymore questions?

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Q: How many horsepower Honda cr250 has?
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How many horsepower for a 1981 Honda cr250?


How much horsepower does a 1989 Honda Cr250 Have?

Thank u

Horsepower of a cr250?

The Honda CR 250 is rated at 48 horsepower. The horsepower can be increased by changing the fuel air mixture.

Where can you download a 1998 Honda CR250 manual?

Check here:

Will wheels off a1996 Honda cr250 fit your 1990 Honda cr250?

yea they should. They change in 97

Honda cr250 oil engine capacity 2001?

2001 cr250 oil capacity

How much horsepower does a 1986 cr250 have?

30 hp at 9000rpm

What year is your Honda Cr250?

Meos - 2000001

What is the fuel oil ratio 1998model cr250 Honda motorcross bike?

I have a 1998 CR250 and i mix it 32:1

How many horsepower does the Honda CRF450 have?

The Honda CRF450 has a very large amount of horsepower, which allows for maximum performance. The Honda CRF450 specifically has around 450 horsepower.

How much oil do you add to Honda cr250?


How much horepower does a Honda cr250 have?

5 hp

What does CR mean as in Honda cr250?

Cap racing

How much oil is in a Honda 1979 CR250 crankcase?

About 650 ml.

How much horsepower does a 1998 cr250 have?

I have a 94 cr250 and its rated at around 50 horse...a 98 would probably have a few more so maybe 55.

How many horsepower does a 2006 Honda cbr f4i have?

It has 95 horsepower

Does a 1993 Honda CR250 engine fit in a 1986 Honda CR250?

The 1993 engine will not fit directly into the 1986 frame without modification due to a 1992 change in frame geometry and mounting positions.

Where is the Honda CR250 Vin location?

The VIN is on the neck of the frame

What is the dry weight of 1994 Honda CR250?

213 pounds.

97 Honda cr250 carb float height?


How many horsepower does a 2007 Honda TRX 500 Foreman have?

it has 26.8 horsepower

How many horsepower is Honda Foreman Rubicon 500cc?

Around 40.4 horsepower

How many break horsepower does a Honda Cr 85 have?

This bike has about 18 horsepower

How much gear oil do you put in an 86 Honda CR250?


Is Honda making the cr250 anymore?

no i am prety sure they stoped in 2007