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Q: How many homes are there in Miami?
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Are there any homes for rent in Miami?

Yes, there are homes for rent in Miami. Go to and you will find all kinds of listings for renting homes and buying homes.

Are there any rental homes in Craigslist in Miami?

There are rental homes in Craigslist in Miami, they provide forum for jobs, they rent out vacation homes at Miami beach, they provide personal and community services.

What are the release dates for Postcards from Buster - 2004 Homes Sweet Homes Miami Florida 1-28?

Postcards from Buster - 2004 Homes Sweet Homes Miami Florida 1-28 was released on: USA: 12 January 2005

Where are some cheap homes in Miami?

Cheap homes can be found all over Miami. Areas with more poverty and less mansions will be cheaper. Try the Eastern part of the city.

What is a typical jamaican home like?

A typical Jamaican home is like many homes in the Miami, FL area. They are painted in bright colors or made of stucco. Most older homes are ranch style with the newer homes being two story.

What type of homes did Miami tribe live in?

The Miami Indian ate Fish that was saltayed and was roasted over the fire

Where can one find listings of homes for sale in Miami Florida?

You can find listings of homes for sale in Miami, Florida from the website, Trulia. This website lists every home for sale in a part of the country that you want.

What kind of homes did the Miami Indians of Indiana live in?


What is the median cost of Miami real estate?

The median price that homes are selling for in Miami is $150,000. This is down 24.6% from February.

Where can I get a complete listing of homes for rent in the Miami, Florida area?

There are too many home to find a complete listing. Homes are constantly being rented while others are vacated. You just have to constantly keep checking local realtor sites to find homes currently available for rent. You can visit the online classified site Craigslist, choose your city and search for homes for rent. The direct link for Miami is: Also, is a great resource.

Where might one view Homestead homes for sale in Florida?

Homestead homes are located throughout Florida; from Homestead to the North of the city and as far as up the East Coast as far as Miami & Miami Heights. To arrange a viewing you can contact a local agent.

How many houses does Shaquille O'Neal own?

I know he has at least three homes - One in Miami, one out in Phx, Arizona and one in Orlando in a community called Windermere.

What kind of homes did the Miami Indians live in?

Huts made of shredded wood found in their woods

What kind of homes did Miami indians live in?

Miami Indians lived in hats when they lived in Southeast Florida, before the settlers & Andrew Jackson kicked them out of the State.

How many homes does Madonna own?

I'm pretty sure she has 2 in LA, 1 in London, 1 or 2 in NY,1 in Miami and 1 near Lake Como in Italy.

What are the prices for homes in Miami?

There is a very wide range of home prices in Miami depending on the size of the home as well as the options that are available such as pools or property. One can purchase a home in Miami for just over $100,000 but range up into the millions.

Where can one find Miami rentals online?

Miami vacation rentals like condos and beachfront homes can be found online to rent at websites like Trip Advisor, Flip Key, Expedia, Home Away, Miami Dade, and Roomarama.

Where does Shakira live right now?

Nassau, Bahamas. She also has homes in Miami, Colombia and a secluded ranch in Uruguay.

Where can I find a rent to own home in miami?

For a list of rent to own homes in Miama FL you can visit

What type of homes are there mostly in Washington Utah?

Most of the homes are made out of brick and or stones. Many of the homes are large with over four bedrooms. Many homes were build as custom homes many, many years ago and don't have curbs.

How many miles from Florida to Miami?

Miami is in Florida.....

How many kilometers is it from Regina to Miami?

Regina where to Miami where?

How many cultures are in Miami?

there are about 67 cultues in miami

How many Subway stores are located in Miami?

There are many Subway restaurant locations in Miami. They are spread all throughout Miami. There is only one kosher Subway restaurant location available in Miami.

How many miles and driving time from Pittsburgh to Miami?

How many miles from Pittsburgh to Miami?