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Q: How many home runs did Joe Dimaggio hit in one season?
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How many home runs did the yankees get with Joe DiMaggio?

Joe DiMaggio hit 361 home runs during his 13 year career, all with the New York Yankees.

Who has more than 300 career home runs and less than 400 career strike outs?

Joe DiMaggio. DiMaggio had career totals of 361 home runs and 369 strikeouts.

Who is Vince DiMaggio?

Vince Dimaggio was the older brother of Joe and Dom Dimaggio. He played ten years in the National League batting .249 and hitting 125 home runs.

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How many home runs did Babe Ruth get in a single season?

The most home runs Babe Ruth hit in a single season was 60. He did this in 1927.

What is the record for as many home runs in 1 season?


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How many home runs did barry bounds get?

762 in 22 seasons and 9 post season home runs.

Which hall of fame baseball player had more home runs than strikeouts?

joe dimaggio

Who hit better Joe DiMaggio or Babe Ruth?

DiMaggio was a better overall hitter believe it or not, but Ruth hit more home runs! It surprised me but it's true

How many home runs in 2007 baseball season for the Phillies?

The Phillies hit 213 home runs in the 2007 season. Ryan Howard led the team with 47.