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Q: How many home games in an MLS season?
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How many games are in mls season?

30 games

How many games long is an MLS season?

a lot

How many games are played during the mls regular season?

Currently, there are 34 games played by each team in the regular season of the mls

How many games in an mls soccer season 2009?

30 Games

Games in an mls soccer season?

45 Games per season

How many MLS teams are Canadian?

As of the 2011 season, there are currently 2 MLS teams that have Canadian home fields. Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

How many weeks are in a major league soccer season?

There are 34 Weeks in a Major League Soccer (MLS) season.

Who is the winningest team in MLS history?

Houston Dynamo is the best team in MLS. They won two consecutives MLS Cups in a row since the team was found. They also broke a undefeated streak of 16 games in the 2007 season.

Best team in mls?

There are two answers to that question. One is that it's the LA Galaxy who won the most regular season games this year. Two is that it's the Colorado Rapids who won this year's MLS Championship game called the MLS Cup.

Can you be a MLS player at 17 or under?

Yes. As of the end of the 2008 MLS season 18 players have played in MLS at age 17 or under.

When does the MLS season end?

It ends in never dur

When is the MLS season?

United state of America USA

What is Tucson mls and where is it at?

"MLS is Major League Soccer, and the Tuscon MLS is, as of February, still looking for a permanent home in Arizona. The turn-out for the recent exhibition games was decent, so hopefully they'll find somewhere to play soon!"

Average mls salary?

the average MLS soccer player gets paid $100,000 to $150,000 each season

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