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Q: How many holes are there on a Solitaire board?
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How many holes does a Chinese checker board have?

A Chinese checkerboard has 121 holes

How many holes can be found in 8 checkerboards?

None. A checkerboard is the same as a chess board and normally has no holes in it.

Where can one play Solitaire online for free?

There are many places where one can play the game of solitaire online for free. One looking to play the game of solitaire online for free should visit website such as World of Solitaire, Solitaire Craving,Free Play Solitaire and

How many pages does Desert Solitaire have?

Desert Solitaire has 269 pages.

How many pages does The Solitaire Mystery have?

The Solitaire Mystery has 351 pages.

Where can I find a free solitaire game on the internet?

There are many options for playing solitaire online. has many different types of solitaire available. also has a free classic solitaire game available.

What is the best free solitaire game?

There are many different versions of free solitaire around the internet. One of the most popular versions of solitaire is called Spider Solitaire, where there are more decks involved in the game and there are many different free sites that allow players to play the solitaire game for free.

What board game has 121 holes in it?

cribbage board

What is a sentence for the common noun solitaire?

I loved to play spider solitaire on a computer when I was a child. Still, my love for solitaire is same and now I play regularly on my phone. Solitaire is a single player game and has many variations.

Where can one play solitaire for free?

Games like solitaire can be played for free on many sites on the web dedicated to gaming. Examples include Solitaire Craving, Games, Learn 4 Good, and Solitaire Bliss.

How many carat makes a soliatire?

The term solitaire does not refer to the stone but the setting. A solitaire setting contains one "solitary" stone. A solitaire can be any size stone.

What are some of the different versions of solitaire?

The following is a list of some different versions of solitaire: Klondike Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Canfield Solitaire, Golf Solitaire, Yukon Solitaire, Poker Solitaire, Baker's Dozen Solitaire, Good Measure Solitaire, Little Spider Solitaire and Accordion Solitaire