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Q: How many hole in ones have there been in the history of the masters?
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How many masters golf tournaments have been played?

2010 is the 74th Masters.

How many forms of state were there in history?

there have been four forms of state in the entire history of mankind.1: is a slave masters state 2: is the feudalistic state 3: capitalist state 4: is the managerial or socialist state.

How many sudden death playoffs have there been at the masters?


Who has a tree named after him at the masters golf course?

President Eisenhower, on the 17th hole there is a Loblolly Pine, 210 yards from the Masters tee. He hit it so many times he wanted it cut down.

How many strokes did Tiger Woods win the 2005 Masters by?

The 2005 Masters went to a play-off. Tiger Woods beat Chris DiMarco by one shot on the first play-off hole.

How many times has Greg Norman been runner up at the masters?


What are the names of some Tai Chi Masters?

Tai Chi is an ancient art that has been around in China for a long time. There are many masters of Tai Chi. One of these many masters include the famed master Zhang Dong Hai.

How many PGA players did not sign their card after a tournament?

This very, very, very, very rarely happens, if not at all. The one I remember was Billy Casper a couple of years ago in The Masters, shot over 100 and didn't hand his card in, it would have been the worst score in Masters history.

How many hole in ones have been on the PGA tour?


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Some stars, comets, stardust, moons, planets, have been "eaten" by a black hole. None know for sure how many of each.

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How many can get killed in a black hole?

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How many people play in the masters?

how many players can play in the final masters game ?

A hole 14feet long 28 feet wide and 6 feet down how many yards of dirt are in it?

After the hole has been dug, all the dirt that was in the dimensions given has been removed.

How many times has Gregg Norman been the runner up at the masters?

1986, 1987, 1996=3

How many Marshal Generals have there been in French History?

Only six in the History of France.

How many triple headers have been played in the history of major league baseball?

There have been three triple headers in MLB history.

How many no-hitters have there been in New York Yankees history?

There have been 11 no hitters thrown in Yankees history.

How many american pennies have been produced in the history of America?

10 different American pennies have been produced in the history of America.

In pakistan how many masters are there?

Thousnads of Masters...........Master in Education, Master in Science, Master in Arts, Master in Commerece, Master Chef, Post masters, Station end of Masters

How many no-hitters have there been in the Cubs history?


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How many masters has tiger played in?

This one (2009) is his 15th Masters.

How many pages does The Masters - novel - have?

The Masters - novel - has 320 pages.