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there are 30 teams each playing 82 games a season. if each game uses an average of 5 pucks a game it's about 12,300. 5 pucks a game is kinda low tho. so probably quite abit more than that. this is obviously just for the regular season.

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Q: How many hockey pucks used in a season?
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How many hockey pucks are used in one nhl season?


What sports are pucks used in?


How are hockey pucks distributed?

puks are used in ice hockey

Do they use pucks in field hockey?

No. In field hockey a ball is used; pucks would not move along the ground.

What was galvanized rubber used for?

Hockey Pucks

How many pucks are used in an NHL game?

On average about 12 Hockey Pucks are used in a NHL game. Ref's carry more then one and once they thaw they replace it at faceoff's.

Were ice hockey pucks made from cow dung?

they used cow munawar

What was a hockey puck made of originally?

The first pucks were made in the 1870s by slicing a rubber ball into a disc and then trimming it square. The fist round pucks were made and used by the Montreal Victoria Hockey Club in the 1880s.

What country has the best hockey pucks?

The best quality hockey pucks and the ones used by the NHL are manufactured in Canada and Russia. These two countries have the best quality vulcanized rubber and the best quality control for the manufacturing process. Don't forget to freeze your pucks for the best results.

What preceeded hockey pucks?

before pucks they used balls. These balls bounced too much so the top and bottom were cut off = the puck we see today

What is a NHL hockey puck made of?

Hockey pucks are made of black vulcanized rubber. Earlier pucks were laminated from two pieces glued together often from recycled tyres. In the nineteenth century turned wooden blocks were used.

What is sulfur used in?

Sulfur is used for making medicines in production of sulfuric acid, and in vulcanizing rubber. (ice hockey pucks) it is also used in gunpowder

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