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In these regions, especially in Canada, hockey has a very long history. Hockey was first played in Canada over 100 years ago and there are very few Canadians, male and female, who haven't played hockey at some level. So hockey is ingrained in the culture of these areas. Also, and probably more important, the northern states and Canada feature very cold winters which freeze pools, ponds and lakes making excellent outdoor, and free, ice surfaces for skating and playing. In fact, I live in a small Canadian town and I don't know anyone of any age who can't skate!!

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Only the BEST hockey players come from Canada!

The best hockey players come from Canada but they are normal like us,just talented

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53.2 % of NHL players are Canadian.

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Q: How many hockey players come from Canada?
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Ice hockey is an American founded sport. However, it is extremely popular in Canada. Many of the National Hockey League players in the United States are actually from Canada.

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According to the Hockey Canada website there are over 500,000 kids of varying ages registered to play hockey in Canada. Of course,there are many more who play hockey in local areas but don't necessarily register with official organizations. For example, there are several dozen kids in my little town who play on the local rink but are not part of Hockey Canada.

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Ask USA Hockey.

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Are there any childrens lacrosse teams in the Territories of Canada?

Yes, Canada is the most popular country in the world for youth lacrosse. Obviously, the US has the college teams but many hockey players in Canada find lacrosse very simliar to hockey and take it as a a great spring conditioning oppertunity

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