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its a shock that only 4 hockey comics are made

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โˆ™ 2008-02-23 02:37:58
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Q: How many hockey comics are made?
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How many books have been written about hockey?

they have made over 200 in 2004 and in 2007 they have made over 1,000 books and comics for hockey

How many jughead comics were made?

over 400 have been made

How many comics has Gary Larson made?

Over 4300 .

Where was the hockey made?

hockey was made in canada

Who made Dectective Comics?

DC Comics ; see relevant link .

Is the sonic comics made by Sega?

The Sonic comics are from 'Archie Publications' .

Where was Archie comics made?

Archie comics are headquartered in Mamaroneck, NY.

How many comics were made about Spider-Man?

314 including specials and one shots

How many hockey sticks are made in one year?

there are about 2.7 million made a yar.

Who made Spider-Man comics?

Many people have made Spider-man comics. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko were the original co-creators of the Spider-man comic, with Lee creating overall plots for the stories and then Ditko added his own elements to the comics narratives as he drew them. Since then, there have been many creators who've made Spider-man comics. John Romita, the artist who took up drawing Spider-man comics after Steve Ditko left. The current lead writer for Spider-man comics is Dan Slott, who is joined by a group of rotating artists.

What year was hockey made?

Hockey was made in the 1850's

Are there any spanish comics?

of course. Most comic books are translated to espanol and many other languages...there's even comics made through Spain...the only ones i know of are adults only...but im pretty sure the are many kid firendly comics produced aswell.

How many points are scored in hockey when a goal is made?

In field hockey for every goal scored that team gets 1 point

How many amazing Spider-Man comics were made?

There are two different releases of the Amazing Spiderman comics. These two were broken up from the creator when asked to release more at a later time.

What is a hockey ball made off?

It's Called a Hockey Puck not Ball. Plus The Hockey pucks are made of Rubber.

Are they still making Sonic the Hedgehog Comics?

Yes; comics are being made by Archie comics. To see, go to http:/

Where were comics made?


Why were comics made?


What year was ice hockey made?

ice hockey was made in the 1850's

Are Sonic games made by Archie Comics?

Nope, the comics were made in North America by Archie, while the main-canon games were made in Japan by Sonic Team.

How many known heros and villains have been made by Marvel Comics?

319 heroes and 491 enemy's

What is stickman comics?

stickman comics is something we make at park city elementary (pce) it is made by a couple of kids comics are $0.3 posters are $0.4

Where are hockey sticks made?

Most hockey sticks are made in Pakistan, while most Field hockey gear including Mazon and Gryphon are made in Engand/United Kingdom

What the first hockey puck made of?

Some say that the first hockey pucks were made of wood and were square but i have a book that said the first hockey pucks were made of cow dung

What is a hockey stick made of?

Hockey sticks can be made of wood, composite materials, plastic, metal (in ice hockey only) or a combination of all.