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Q: How many high school lacrosse teams are there in America?
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How many are in a men's lacrosse team?

on avg. there is at least 20 men on a lacrosse team in High School. On college and pro lacrosse teams there is about 55 men.

High school lacrosse?

The game of lacrosse played by high school students

How many high school football teams are there in America?

According to there are 16,047 high school football teams in America (8 man-11 man)

Does Texas have lacrosse?

Yes, they play lacrosse in Texas. In fact Lacrosse is growing quite rapidly. Many middle school aged teams and even some younger ones. Especially rapid growth at the the high school level though.

How do you become an NCAA lacrosse player?

You play for a high school team, then you go to lacrosse camps. The camps usually have scouts there from NCAA teams. Or just go to a school with one and try out. Hope this helps. :)

High school rankings?

you can get high school lacrosse rankings on they have all of the states and high schools that play lacrosse competitively

How many high school baseball teams are in America?

there's 515 in Wisconsin alone.. so do the math, roughly 25,500 high school teams in the U.S.

How many high school soccer teams in America?

Search through the internet.

When is lacrosse season for high school?


What percentage of high school lacrosse players play college lacrosse?

12.5% or 1/8th of high school laxers play in college

In High School Lacrosse what is a division 1?

A division one team is a team that has shown itself to be proficient enough in Lacrosse to hold it's own against other division 1 teams in the area.

How many high schools play lacrosse?

There are 46 states that offer lacrosse as a sport in high school. Pennsylvania alone has 90 high schools that play lacrosse.

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