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Q: How many high school lacrosse teams are there in America?
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How do you become an NCAA lacrosse player?

You play for a high school team, then you go to lacrosse camps. The camps usually have scouts there from NCAA teams. Or just go to a school with one and try out. Hope this helps. :)

High school rankings?

you can get high school lacrosse rankings on they have all of the states and high schools that play lacrosse competitively

How many high school soccer teams in America?

Search through the internet.

Does Texas have lacrosse?

Yes, they play lacrosse in Texas. In fact Lacrosse is growing quite rapidly. Many middle school aged teams and even some younger ones. Especially rapid growth at the the high school level though.

Can you play baseball and lacrosse in high school?

At my high school we couldn't play two sports at once, but you should play Lacrosse, its more fun

How do high school lacrosse teams get ranked?

The most common way is an online service called "Lax Power" which shows almost every high school in the united states, and uses a system called "power ratings." State athletic associations also do rank in state teams.

Can you celebrate in high school lacrosse?

No,but highfives are acceptable.

When did Paul Rabil start lacrosse?

Paul Rabil got serious about Lacrosse as a freshmen in high school

When is lacrosse season for high school?

The game of lacrosse played by high school students

Can anybody name some places in North America where lacrosse is played?

Lacrosse is known as the fastest growing sport in America. It is played all over, especially in the East in places like New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts. It is played in many other places as well. Most colleges have teams, and there are professional leagues (MLL and NLL) for men.Cities where it is played for youth, high school, and college:New York CityPittsburghBaltimoreCincinnatiBostonBuffaloPhillyetc.

Does high school have three teams in soccer in all grades?

No. Smaller high schools have fewer soccer teams. Larger high school tend to have more soccer teams.

How much would it cost to have a girl's high school lacrosse program?

It really all depends on how big your school is and where it is located. A high school that is closer to the eastern shore is more likely to get a boost because of lacrosse hotbeds, but it will cost a little bit. It also depends if you have a boys lacrosse team.