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about 57,667 highschool atletes run cross country in the US according to online

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Q: How many high school cross country runners in US?
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Can you compete in high school cross country as a team with only 5 runners?

Yes, 5 runners score points.

How many runners can be on a cross country running team?

For high school, the top seven runners are the varsity runners. The top five to cross the finish line are scored for the team. Everyone else is junior varsity.

What is a good time for high school cross country runners?

20-25 minutes for a girl but I don't know for guys

What are the most common injuries in high school sports?

football actually, that's a miconception; the most commonly injured high school athletes are female cross country runners.

How many miles do college cross country runners run in a meet?

For girls it's 2.5 miles, and boys, I think is 3.2 miles. And this is in the high school level.

What does it mean to be all conference in high school cross country?

In Illinois, at least, making All-Conference means that you are one of the top 14 fastest runners in your conference.

How many miles do cross country runners run?

Being on my high school cross country team, I have teamates that will run 20 miles in a week sometimes and i also have other teamates that run 60 miles per week sometimes.

How many miles do athletes run in cross country high school meet?

Most high school cross country races are 5 kilometers, which is about 3.1 miles.

Do you know about Mizuno's cross country spikes?

The Mizuno cross country spikes are a high demand shoe that is usually used for long distance track runners. It is a very high quality product that anyone should consider it.

Who is the Onalaska high school cross country coach?

Darin Shepardson

When is cross country season in high school?

mid august to november.

How far is a high school cross country course?

The average is about 3 miles.

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