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800 / 100 = 8

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Q: How many hectometers do the athletes swim in the 800 meter race?
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Why is he training for a 1000 meter race instead of a 2640 foot race?

Many athletes compete in international sports events, and the meter is an internationally used measurement.

How many laps of the pool do the athletes swim in the 1500 meter race?

each lap is 50m so its 30 laps if you add 2 more laps you got a mile witch is a 1600 meter swim

When running a long distance meter race in track and field must the runners only stay in one lane?

No, once a race is over one lap the athletes will cut-in.

How many laps do you swim in a 1500 meter race in a 25 meter pool?


What kinds of foot races in Olympics?

There are many foot races for men and women in the Olympics. Some of these include the 100 meter race, the 200 meter, the 400 meter, the 1 mile race, and the 5,000 kilometer race.

How many yards are in a 50.0 meter race?

54.6807 yards (1.09361 yards per meter).

How many hurdles in 60 meter hurdles race?

there are six hurdles in a 60m hurdles race.

How many hurdles are required for a 100 meter race?

There are 10 hurdles in a 100m hurdle race.

What is the best race to have?

The best race to have for athletes is the Olympic marathon.

How many hurdles are there in 400 meter race?

10 hurdles

How many miles is the 5000 meter race?

3.1 miles

How many hurdles in 200 meter hurdle race?


Which is larger a hundred yard race or a hundred meter race?

A 100 meter race is how many yards? 1 yard = .9144

Why is the short-term secretion of adrenaline important for athletes running in a one hundred-meter race?

it either increases or decreases the heart rate

What is the history of the 100 meter race?

The 100 meter race started in the 1896 Olympics.

How many laps do you swim in a 250 meter race?

In a 50 meter pool there are 5 laps and in a 25 meter pool there 10 laps.

How many laps make a 3000 meter race in track?

it will be 7.5

How many laps are in a 5000 meter race in tracking field?


How many calories are burnt in 100 meter race?

2 :) 2 :)

How many laps in 500 meter speed skate race?


How many people run in a 4x200 meter relay race?


How many miles is 10000 meter race?

About 6.2 (6.213712) miles.

What athletes ride race horses?


What is a group of starting athletes called?

a race.

What is the metric version of 220yards?

The 220 yard race has been replaced with the 200 meter race although it is about 222 yards long; the 440 yard race has been replaced with the 400 meter race; and the 1,500 meter race has replaced the mile.