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How many black head coaches are in the NBA right now

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Q: How many head black coaches are in the NBA now?
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How many black nba head coaches presently?


How many coaches are in the nba?

There are currently 30 head coaches

How many black coaches are in the NBA?


How many black coaches are there in the NBA?


How many NBA coaches are black?


How many black coaches in the NBA for year 2011?


How many NBA players have become NBA head coaches?

there have been 20 players that have became coaches. lets not forget presidents of a team.

Black coaches in the NBA?


How many NBA coaches played in NBA?


What black NBA coaches did not play in the NBA?

Bernie Bickerstaff & Alvin Gentry are 2 that come to mind

How many black coaches have won an NBA championship?

4 black coaches have won nba titles. They are: Bill Russell, Al Attles, Lenny Wilkens, and K.C. Jones. If Doc Rivers and the Celtics close out the series with the Lakers he will be the 5th. Revised answer 5 black coaches have won nba titles. They are: Bill Russell, Al Attles, Lenny Wilkens, K.C. Jones and Doc Rivers.

How many black coaches are in the 2011 NBA playoffs?

There were 5 black coaches in the 2011 NBA playoffs:Larry Drew of the Atlanta HawksDoc Rivers of the Boston CelticsLionel Hollins of the Memphis GrizzliesNate McMillan of the Portland Trail BlazersMonty Williams of the New Orleans Hornets

Why are there more white coaches in nba than black?

Race has nothing to do with coaching.

What are the salaries of NBA assistant coaches?

I heard around 100-150k for college coaches and 575k for NBA coaches.

Who gets paid more college basketball coaches or NBA?

NBA coaches get paid more. College coaches only get paid for about 40 games while the NBA coaches have to coach 82 or more games.

How many black coaches have won the NBA title?

Al Attles, KC Jones, Bill Russell,Lenny Wilkens and Doc Rivers

How many coaches have won a nba title as a coach and a player?


How many assistant coaches on an NBA basketball team?


How many black coaches are in current NBA playoffs?

At the begginning of the 2009 NBA Playoffs, there were six black head coaches in the playoffs--4 in the East and 2 in the West: Cleveland's Mike Brown, Boston's Doc Rivers, Atlanta's Mike Woodson, Detroit's Michael Curry, Portland's Nate McMillan and New Orleans' Byron Scott. As of May 5th, only Brown, Rivers and Woodson remain alive in the playoffs.

How many coaches have won both NBA and NCAA titles?

Larry Brown is the only head coach in basketball history to win both an NCAA Championship (Kansas 1988) and an NBA title (Detroit 2004).

What active NBA Coaches have most NBA Championships?

Greg Popavich

How many NBA coaches won a NBA title in first season?

0 Phil Jackson was the closest in 3 years

Who are past NBA assistant coaches?


NBA assistant coaches salary?

a lot

Are there special coaches for the nba that are not assistant coaches?

yes, most players have agents, or their own trainers