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Three so far.

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Q: How many hat tricks does Sidney Crosby have?
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What players have scored hat tricks during the playoffs?

Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby

What is the song in the Sidney Crosby hat trick commercial?

Sidney is the best Sidney is the best somtimes he wipes out but that's ok hay

How many hat tricks Crosby have for 2010-2011?

3 and they were all scored on his 25 game point streak

How much is Sidney Crosby autograph draft hat worth?

This is a very important piece of sports history as Sidney Crosby is the biggest name in North American sports. The hat is worth 5,000$ and will just increase in value as Sidney becomes a bigger legend than he already is

How many hat tricks has Lionel messi score all time?

26 hat tricks

How many hat tricks has messi scored for barcalona?

he has scored about 19 (hat tricks)

How many hat-tricks did Wayne Gretzky score?

50 hat tricks totall

How many hat tricks by one player in a season?

u can get 12,234 hat tricks in a season it don,t matter

How many points for 3 hat tricks in hockey?

3 hat tricks would be worth 9 points, as each hat trick is worth 3 points.

How many good tricks does The Cat in the Hat have?


How many hat-tricks did Pele score?


How many hat tricks has Rooney scored?

about 3