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Q: How many gretzky rookie cards got printed?
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How many rookie cards has Wayne Gretzky signed?

They are extreamly rare you could get anywere from 1000 - 50000

How many Shaquille O'Neal fleer ultra rookie cards were printed?


How much is a 78-79 o-pee-chee gretzky card worth Was this his rookie year?

Many of the rookie cards are valued in price close to $75. The amount that one can expect will vary depending upon their condition and how they are being displayed.

How many Gretzky cards is the record for one collector?

The most Wayne Gretzky cards ever collected by one person is a citizen from Los Angeles California, He had a record breaking 12,800 cards all on Wayne Gretzky!!!!!! His name was Michael Clemmente

How Many rookie cards does Kobe Bryant have?

1 in 1996

How many baseball cards have been printed out?

10 billion

How much is baseball cards worth?

it depends on a lot of things like condition, player, year it was printed, and company that made it and how many they printed.

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There are many locations to find funny birthday cards online. They can be found through Hallmark and Somee Cards. The can be printed cards and ecards.

Where can one go to get tattoo business cards printed?

One can get tattoo business cards printed at many business card printing services online. The best business card printing card service is Vista Print.

What is the value of a Donald Harris rookie baseball card?

Many of these rookie baseball cards are valued in price close to $1 each. The amount for each card will vary depending upon its condition.

Which web sites will allow me to purchase full color business cards?

Many different companies have websites that allow you to have full colour business cards printed out. Such as 'SmithPrints' and 'VistaPrint'. On each of these companies website's you have the opportunity to design and have your business cards printed out. From the comfort of your own home!

How many Million magic cards have been printed worldwide?

Around 100 Million but that is just an estimate.