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Check out all Slams winers at :- 1877 up to today (Murray for USA 2008) Dave Paterson

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Q: How many grand slams tennis did Fred perry win?
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Who was the last englishman to win a tennis grand slam event?

fred perry

Who was the tennis and Table tennis champion?

Fred Perry of England.

Last Englishman who won a major title in Tennis?

Fred Perry was the last British tennis player to win a Grand Slam and it was in 1936.

Which men won the 4 Grand Slams?

Fred Perry, Don Budge, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Andre Agassi and Roger Federer.

Which sport was Fred Perry world champion in 1929?

Fred perry was a tennis champion from the u.k.

Which legendary tennis stars statue was unveild in Wimbledon in 1984?

Fred Perry.

Who was the last Englishman to win at Wimbledon open tennis championships?

Fred Perry

Who is the only Wimbledon champion to have also been World Table Tennis Champion?

Fred perry

Which male player was the first to win Slams on four different surfaces?

Fred Perry of Great Britain was the first male tennis player to complete a career grand slam by winning all four major championships. He won US open in 1933, Australian open and Wimbledon in 1934 and French open in 1935. Six more male players have since completed a career grand slam.

Who were the most fanous tennis players form UK?

Fred Perry, David LLoyd, Christine Trueman

Who was the last British tennis grand slam winner?

Last Male British champion: Fred Perry Last Female British champion: Virginia Wade Answered by Rudra Prasad Gayen

What actors and actresses appeared in Tennis Tactics - 1937?

The cast of Tennis Tactics - 1937 includes: Fred Perry as himself Pete Smith as Narrator

When was Fred Perry born?

Fred Perry was born on May 18, 1909.

What is Fred Perry's birthday?

Fred Perry was born on May 18, 1909.

Where is Fred perry made?

Fred perry is made in England, china, Portugal and Japan

What year was mr Fred perry born?

Fred Perry was born in 1909. ~pkfier

Who was the last British man to win the men's tennis singles title at Wimbledon?

Fred Perry was the only Britisher who won the Wimbledon in 1936.

What is the name of Fred Perry's mother?

Judy Perry

When did Fred Perry die?

Fred Perry died on February 2, 1995 at the age of 85.

When was Fred Perry - comics - born?

Fred Perry - comics - was born on 1969-09-16.

What year did Fred Perry win the Wimbledon championship?

Fred Perry won in 1934, 1935 & 1936

How old was Fred Perry at death?

Fred Perry died on February 2, 1995 at the age of 85.

When was Fred Perry - Canadian football - born?

Fred Perry - Canadian football - was born on 1975-01-05.

Where are Fred perry clothes made?

I have some Fred Perry poloshirts that I bought from Debenhams, so there originals, and there made in China.

Where can you purchase Fred Perry shoes?

One can purchase Fred Perry shoes in a number of different places, particularly online. They can be purchased on websites such as Zappos and Nordstrom's, as well as directly through the Fred Perry website.