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2 grand slams (as on 5 July 2010)

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Q: How many grand slams has nadAl won this year?
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How many tennis open in a year?

4 grand slams

Baseball grand slams were hit?

Through the 2013 season, there were 6452 grand slams hit in baseball history. The most grand slams in a season happened in the year 2000 when 176 grand slams were hit.

What year did Carlos Beltran hit 3 Grand Slams?

in 2006

Who was the first player to win all the four tennis Grand Slams?

Maureen Connolly of USA won all the 4 Grand Slams in a year in 1953.

What women have won all four grand slams in a year?

No woman has won all 4 grand slams in one year but Rod Laver did twice. Sorry to Disagree but Steffi Graph did a Golden Slam in 1988, All 4 Grand Slams and an Olympic gold medal.

What year did Steffi Graf win all the grand slams in a calendar year?

That was 1988.

What women have won all four grand slams in one year?


When was the last time that 4 different players won the 4 tennis grand slams in one year and who were they?

This year, 2012. Australian Open- Novak Djokovic Roland Garros - Rafael Nadal Wimbledon - Federer US Open - Andy Murray

Which tennis player has one 4 grand slams in one year?

bjon borg

What is sequence of all grand slams in the same year?

austrailin openwimblondonus openfrench open

What year did Arthur ashe win the US Open?

Arthur Ashe won 3 Grand Slams

How many grand slams did major leaguers hit on May 21 2001 topping the record set a year earlier?

six. the answer is six -Amy

Has any player won all four grand slams in one year?

steffi graf won that in 1988 ...all four major slams plus olympic gold...

How many grand slam home runs are hit in the MLB per year?

There are on between 14 thru 19 Gramd Slams produced on every year in MLB.T.Ahlgren Actually, according to, here are the number of grand slams for the years 1999-2008:So, it usually averages about 130 per year between all 30 major league teams.1999140200017620011342002125200312320041332005132200613220071342008124

The name of all grand slam?

There are four Grand Slams each year. The Australian Open, Roland Garros (French Open), Wimbledon and the US Open.

Which country host Australian Open?

Australia hosts the australian open. It is one of the four grand slams. Australian open is the firs grand slam of the year.

Has Roger Federer ever won all 4 major grand slams in the same year?

nohe has won all four but not in a calendar year

How many tennis matches are in whole year but only ATP Level that includes 4 grand slams and FINALS in London without challengers and lower ranked tournaments?


How many individual tournaments make up the grand slam of tennis?

The Grand Slam of tennis is considered to be any of the 4 Grand Slam championships (Wimbledon, Roland Garros, Australian Open and US Open). A Year Slam is when you win the 4 in the same year. A surface Slam is when you win at least one championship in all of the surfaces. A carrer slam is when you win the 4 grand Slams throughout your career although not in the same year. An Olympic Slam is when you win throughout your career the 4 Slams and the Olympic Gold medal.

How many grand slams available for tennis?

a grand slam. it represents the four largest events of the season. wimbledon, us open and two others. to win a grand slam, you must win all four. so only 1 grand slam is available per year.

Which male won the most grand slams in mens tennis?

Roger Federer (SWI) 15 grand slams including a career grand slam and 3 small slams, but has not managed to get all four in the same year (yet).3 Australian - 2004, 06 and 071 French - 20096 Wimbledon (British) - 2003, 04, 05, 06, 07 and 095 US - 2004, 05, 06, 07 and 08

Is it possible for Rafael Nadal to regain the number 1 world ranking by the end of the year if so how?

How else can he do it other than carry on winning? Winning Wimbledon will help. Then he needs to win slams. In conclusion, he can.

What is the difference between a Grand Slam tennis match and the ATP?

A Grand Slam is a tournament of the ranked players and it spans across different continents. There are 4 Grand Slams in a year. The ATP is the Association of Tennis Professionals.

Who are Venus and Serena Williams?

They are both sisters who are famous American tennis players. their father's name is Richard Williams and mother is oracene price . Serena turned professional a year after her sister now Serena has won 13 singles grand slams , 11 doubles grand slams and 2 mixed doubles grand slam

What are the major achievements of Roger Federer?

Well I am a Rafael Nadal fan but I do not think Roger Federer is the best of all times I think it is Pete Sampras. But the big thing that Roger Federer has done was win slams in which you can check on his wiki. But Roger Federer's best year was 2009 he won Wimbledon, Roland Garos but Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic have don a better achievements. Nadal: Win Roland Garos, Wimbledon , Us Open 2010 Djokovic Win all the slams in 2011 but Roland garos