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While winning 14 grand slam titles, Pete Sampras has never won all four grand slam events. He has won Wimbledon 7 times, the U.S. Open 5 times, and the Australian Open twice. He has never won the French Open.

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Q: How many grand slams has Pete Sampras won?
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How many grand slams titles did Pete Sampras win in his tennis career?

he won 14 grand slam,s in his tennis career!

How many grand slams does nadal have?

14 because today on june 8 2014 nadal just won the french open to equal pete sampras record of 14 grand slams

How many single titles dis pete sampras win?

Pete Sampras won 64 titles throughout his career, including 14 majors (Grand Slams) between February 1990 and September 2002.

How many Grand Slams has sampras won?

Sampras has won 14 grand slams Australian Open: 2 French Open: 0 Wimbledon: 7 US Open: 5

How many grand slam finals did Pete Sampras play in?


How many grand slams won by pete samprass?


How many grand slam tournaments did Pete Sampras enter?

52; he won 14

How many grand slam men's singles titles did Pete Sampras win?

14 grand slam singles

How many children does Pete Sampras have?


How many singles titles did Pete Sampras win in tennis?

14 Grand slam men's singles titles

How many grand slams did Pete Rose hit during his career?

only one only one

How many times has pete sampras won wimblebon?

Hi Pete Sampras has won overall 14 grandslams and 7 times the Wimbeldon.

How many grand slams did Jackie Robinson hit?

two grand slams

How many tennis grand slams do Serena Williams have?

17 grand slams wow

How many grand slams nadal won?

Nadal has won 14 grand slams.

How many times did Pete Sampras lose at Wimbledon?


How many French Open titles does Pete Sampras have?


How many Wimbledon titles has Pete Sampras won?


How many Wimbledon's did Pete Sampras win?

Seven Times

What record did Roger Federer break?

Roger Federer has broken many records during his career but I guess the most notable one was in Wimbledon 2009 where he overtook Pete Sampras's record of 14 grand slams. He now holds 16 grand slam singles titles after also winning the 2010 Australian open

How many times did Pete Sampras win Wimbledon?

Seven Times

How many times did sampras win Wimbledon?

Pete Sampras won the Wimbledon men's singles title 7 times.

Who holds the mariners career record for grand slams and how many?

who holds the mariners career record for grand slams how many

How many grand slams did Arthur Ashe win?

Arthur Ashe won three grand slams.

How many grand slams has nadAl won this year?

2 grand slams (as on 5 July 2010)