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Q: How many golf driving ranges are there in the US?
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How many golf courses in US?

Approximately 18,000 golf courses in US alone.

Does the US have Mountain Ranges?

Yes, the U.S. has mountain ranges. The Rocky Mountains and the Ozarks, plus there are many more.

How many golf cart exist in the US today?


What ranges in the us start with an i?

there are no mountain ranges in the US that start with I.

How many players in the US Open golf tourney?


How many people play golf over 50 in the US?

six million

What 2 mountain ranges are found in both the US and Canada?

The Rocky Mountains and the Cascades are the two mountain ranges found in both the US and Canada.

Who won 2011 US Open golf?

Daren Clarke won the 2011 US open golf.

Where is the mountain found in the US?

Montana means mountains AND has mountains. In one of our many mountain ranges.

How many mountain ranges are in the US?

There are approximately 30 major mountain ranges in the US, including the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, Cascades, and Appalachian Mountains. These ranges vary in size, elevation, and geological history, providing diverse landscapes across the country.

Where is the us golf tonament?

it is held at agusta national golf club

Who won the 1997 US golf masters golf tournoament?

tiger woods