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There are 360 Golf courses in New Jersey.

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Q: How many golf courses does New Jersey have?
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How many golf courses in New Zealand?

Type your answer here... 150?????? there are over 400 golf courses in NZ

How many golf courses does New York have?

New York state has approximately 700 golf courses. New York City's boroughs have about 8 to 10 if you include the short par-3 courses such as Breezy Point (Jacob Riis Park) and Flushing Meadows.

What are some popular vacation spots in New Jersey?

Atlantic city, NJ for gambling, shows and walking the boardwalk. great gorge in vernon valley for skiing jersey shore for water sports golf courses

Are there any investment courses in New Jersey?

There are many investment courses offered in New Jersey, a list can be found by a simple internet search. I would only advise that you research each course and/or the instructor before sending in any money.

What is the best golf course in New Jersey?

Pine Valley Golf Club, Clementon, NJ

What are the cheapest golf courses in the nation?

Some of the cheapest, most scenic golf courses in the U.S. are The Lodge Resort, in Cloudcraft, New Mexico; Old Works Golf Course in Anaconda, Montana; and The Links of North Dakota in Ray, ND.

What golf club was founded 1894 with four leaf clover logo?

Morris County Golf Club in New Jersey

How many representatives does New Jersey have?

New Jersey has tworepresentatives

Who was the golf hustler from New Jersey known as the fat man?

Martin Lefkowitz Martin Lefkowitz

Are there any golf courses being offered in Spanish in Santa Fe, New Mexico?

Golf Courses can be found throughout Santa Fe. Because of the high number of Spanish speaking residents, it is easy to find Spanish lessons.

What is the web address of the Passaic County Golf Course in Wayne New Jersey?

The web address of the Passaic County Golf Course is:

Where is st Andrews golf course?

St Andrews Golf Course is in Scotland United Kingdom. There are seven golf courses in St Andrews itself and many more in the surrounding area. The most famous of these is the Old Course, others include the New Course, Jubillee, Eden, Balgove, Strathtyrum and Castle courses, each requiring a different level of skill.

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