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There isn't really a limit of the amount of Golf balls you can have. But if you run out of balls, you can't turn in a score card, and you are disqualified.

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Q: How many golf balls can members of the PGA have in their golf bag?
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How many golf balls is a pga player allowed to have in the golf bag?

It is unlimited

Which golf balls are approved by the PGA?

The PGA do not approve golf balls, the USGA and R&A rules committees do. They both publish a list of conforming golf balls.

Does Titleist provide golf balls for players on the PGA tour?


How many professional golf players are there in the world?

The Professional Golf Association (PGA) of America has 28,000 members but only a select few of those play in the PGA tour.

What happens to driving range golf balls used on the PGA tour?

Nothing. They can legally be played on the PGA tour.

Does any company provide golf balls to all PGA tour participants?


What are the PGA golf?

The PGA is the Professional Golfers Association in Golf.

How many different brands of golf balls is there?

well there are many different types of golf balls some are expensive and some of them are dirt cheap. the different brands of golf balls is hard to know because some are being used which you havent heard of. i say though on the PGA tour around about 10-15 different brands of balls are used. Examples, Nike, Callaway, Bridgestone, Srixon, Titliest, Top Flite not (flight) and many other brands of golf balls are being used which i probably don't know about.

Where can one buy a titleist driver?

A Titleist Driver can be purchased at many golf stores. Here are some of those stores 3 balls, Golf Galaxy, global Golf, PGA Tour Shop, Golf Locker, Amazon, Ebay, 2nd Swing, and Fairway Golf USA.

What is PGA in golf?

Professional Golf Association

How many balls can you have in your bag during a PGA tournament?

As many as you like...

What is the last major of the year in PGA golf?


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