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more than 85 gold medALS


He now has won 18 Olympic Gold medals. He has won a record 8 Gold Medals in Beijing.

He also has 18 gold medals in World Championship competition, and 8 gold medals in Pan Pacific competition.

In addition to the 18 Gold Medals he also owns 2 Bronze medals from the 2004 Athens Olympic Games

As of 10, August 2007, 8:08 GMT, the price of gold is 8070.00USD per Pound, or 672.50USD per ounce. This is measured in troy ounces.

One troy ounce is equal to 31.1034768 grams, or 1.09714286 ounces.

Gold prices used to fluctuate less than normal currencies, so it was a relatively secure and stable way to store large amounts of money.

Which Mean's That Michael Phelps Has One 8 Medals This Year 2006 Which At $8070.00 Per Pound The Olympic Gold Medal weights 22 Pound's That Would Total $177.540.00 Per Medal 8 Total Medal's Would Equal $1.243.320.00And In 2004 He Won A Total Of 6 Medal's Which Would Equal $1.064.340.00 With A Combined Total Of $2.307.660.00 Worth Of Olympic Gold Alone.

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Michael Phelps has 19 gold medals

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Q: How many gold medals has Michael Phelps won?
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