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Q: How many gold medals has Ireland won in each Olympics games?
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How many medals has India won at the Olympics since 1996?

Six. India won one medal at each of the the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Games and three medals at the 2008 Games.

What year did Australia win Olympic medals?

Australia won at least won one Olympics each Olympic games.

What are the maximum number of gold medals at the Olympics?

Each Olympics is different. The 2016 Summer Olympics had 306 events, each with a gold medal.

How many games will take place in the 2012 Olympics?

There will be 302 events for medals Some will include the process of of teams playing games against each other for at least 6 of the Men's and 6 of the Women's Gold Medals

How many gold medals are there to be won at the Olympic games?

There will be 302 gold medals, and 906 medals, in total, to be awarded in the 2008 Olympics. Obviously they make more individual medals to hand out than that because each person of team events get a medal....

How many medals have been won in bobsledding?

There are currently three bobsleigh events in the winter Olympics: 4-man, 2-man, and 2-woman. As a result, there are 9 medals each Games.

In 1924 who won the most gold medals in the winter Olympics?

Norway and Finland won the most gold medals at the 1924 Winter Olympics with 4 each.

How many metals did Jamaica get in 2012 Olympics?

12 Medals 4 each of the gold Silver and Bronze Medals

Who won most gold medals in Olympics for France?

In all of the Olympics that is Christian d'Oriola and Lucien Gaudin, each of whom won 4 gold medals in fencing.

What country won 8 gold medals each at the London Olympics?


What was the final medal table in the 2004 Olympic games?

The United States won the most medals (102) and the most gold medals (36) at the 2004 Summer Olympics. Click on the '2004 Medal Table' link below to see the number of medals won by each nation.

Who won the 2002 winter Olympics?

The 1940 Winter Olympics, which would have been officially known as the V Olympic Winter Games, were to be celebrated in 1940 in Sapporo, Japan, but the games were eventually cancelled due to the onset of World War II.