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In the Olympics, Shaun has won 2 gold medals ... both in men's halfpipe at the 2006 Games in Turin and 2010 Games in Vancouver.

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14 medls
Olympics: Zero

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Q: How many gold medals does Shaun White have in his whole life?
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How many gold metals did shaun white get?

Shaun White has two gold medals one in 2006 and one this year.

How many gold medals has Shaun White won in a lifetime?


What skateboarder has the most medals?

Shaun White who turned pro in 2003 has the most gold medals for skateboarding. White is also a pro snowboarder.

Travis rice is better than Shaun White?

Travis rice is better he has won 7 gold medals at the redbull competion and shaun white has 3

How many medals has Shaun White won so far in the Olympics?

Shaun White has won 2 medals in the Olympics. He won gold in the halfpipe in both the 2006 and 2010 games. Unfortunately, he did not medal in the 2014 games.

How many gold medal does shaun white?

He won gold medals in the half pipe at the 2006, 2010, and 2018 Olympics. He has won four gold medals at the Winter X games.

How many x games medals has Shaun White won?

13 Gold, 3 silver and 2 bronse medals. A total of 18

Youngest famous athlete?

Shaun white... Shaun White became sponsored by Burton and turned pro when he was just 13. He currently has 28 medals, 17 of which are gold in Winter X

Did Shaun White win a metal at the 2009 x games?

He won no metal no, but gold medals in superpipe and slopestyle.