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Q: How many gold medals Iran has in olympic 2012?
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How many gold medals did the US win at the 2012 Olympic?

They won 46 gold medals.

Did Iran win a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics?

Four gold medals

How many gold medals in 2012 olympic for usain bolt?


Did Michael Phelps win 2 gold medals in 2012 Olympics?

No he won 4 Gold and 2 Silvers for the 2012 Olympics and leads all athletes ever with 22 Olympic Medals 18 of them Gold Medals in the total earned from all Olympic games

What percent of US medals won in the 2012 summer Olympic gold?

43.269 % of the medals rhat the USA won in th 2012 Olympics were Gold Medals 46 of 104 medals were Gold so 46 is 43.269 % of 104

Who won the 2012 Olympic games?

USA won the most Medals with 104 and 46 Gold Medals

How many olympic gold medals have the UK gymnastics team won in 2012?

As of today, August 8th, the UK gymnastics team has not won any olympic gold medals.

How many Olympic medals has Steve Hooker won?

As of 2012 he was one (gold).

How many medals did Michael Phelps get in the 2012 Olympic?

4 Gold Medals, which was his lowest number from any of the past 3 summer Olympic games

How many medals did Poland in the 2012 olympic?

Poland left London with a total of 10 Olympic medals (2 gold, 2 silver, and 6 bronze),

How many golden medals Brazil won in the 2012 Olympics?

Brazil won 3 Gold Medals and a total of 17 Olympic medals

What country has won the most gold medals in the 2012 olympic games?