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England competed as Great Britain not as England alone so there are no records of how many England got unless you see the great Britain competitors and see which one are English and how many of them got a gold medal but great Britain got 19 golds.

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Q: How many gold did england win at the 2008 Olympics not Great Britain England only?
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Do England compete at the Olympics?

Great Britain , yes = =

Last year how did England do at the Olympic games?

England does not compete at the Olympics. Great Britain does.

If England enter the world cup in football great Britain at the Olympics and the UK in politics and if the UK is a country what are England and great Britain?

A nation

How many silver medals have England won in the Olympic games?

None! England does not compete in the Olympics. Great Britain competes in the Olympics and that includes England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland.

Why do they play as England sometimes and Great Britain the others in sporting competitions. So for football it is England but in the Olympics Tennis etc it is Britain?

In most sporting events such as the Olympics, England takes part as part of the UK (sometimes as Great Britain but this is misleading, as Great Britain does not include Northern Ireland). The UK includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The exception is football, where they have separate international teams.

Does England compete on its own in the Olympics?

England is part of Great Britain which is part of the United Kingdom. The UK competes in the Olympics.

Is the Great Britain are England people?

England is part of Great Britain

Is great Brittan part of England?

England is in great britain. Great Britain consists of the Countries of England, Scotland and Wales.

Why is it Great Britain and not Wales Scotland and England by themselves in the Olympics?

Scotland, Wales and England do not have Olympic Associations. There is however a British Olympic Association.

Where will be the Olympics?

The location is LONDON, with the sailing events is in Weymouth and Portland.

Have England won any medals in the Olympics?

'England' participates as Great Britain in the Olympics, individuals in the team can come from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Great Britain has won 715 medals in the Summer Olympics, 22 at the Winter. Out of all participating countries, Great Britain is the only country to have at least one Gold at every Summer Olympics. Great Britain has been most successful at Athletics, Rowing, Sailing and Cycling.

Which of place join England from great Britain?

Great Britain is comprised of England, Scotland and Wales, both of which have a border with England.