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Q: How many goals messi scored until today?
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How many goals have been scored in premier league this season so far?

Until 28 November they played 15 matches, scored 32 goals and conceded 17 goals.

How many league goals has Frank Lampard scored this season?

7 goals until November 19,2011

How many goals has Frank Lampard scored this year?

7 goals in 2011 until November 19,2011

How many goals have been scored in Euro 2012 until now?


How many goals has ozil scored in all his career?

10 (Until now)

Who scored the most goals in the European champions league?

Raul has scored the most number of goals in the UEFA Champions League up until now! He played some wonderful seasons with Real Madrid & he's doing a really good job in his current club FC Shalke. Raul is one of the best strikers of all time. He has 71 goals in the tournament up to now. The record for an individual season (discounting qualifying stages), is 14 goals, shared by José Altafini of AC Milan in 1962/63, and Lionel Messi in 2011/12 for Barcelona. The lowest number of goals scored by a top scorer in the current Champions League format was 6, by Alessandro Del Piero, while in the old European Cup format, seven different players tied for top scorer in 1987/88 - on 4 goals.

How many goals has Ronaldo scored In an el classico?

14goals until 3/2013.

How many goals did Diego forlan score?

Soccer great Diego Forlan has played professionally since 1997. Until 2013, he has scored 187 goals. He also scored 36 goals for the Uruguay national team in 2002.

How many premier league goals has Frank Lampard scored?

Frank Lampard, as of the 6th January 2010, has scored 113 Premier League goals. 24 of those coming from his time at West Ham, and 89 and counting with Chelsea.

How many goals doesvan persi have in premier league 2011?

30 goals until today's match 19.11.2011

How many gools has eto'o score 20082009?

Until 12/18/2008 he has scored 15 goals in La Liga matches and 3 goals in Champions League matches.

How many champions league goals has Frank Lampard scored?

200 from wikipedia