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Q: How many goals in how many games has Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Manchester United?
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Did Cristiano Ronaldo ever score a hat-rick?

Yes. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored a hat-trick for Manchester United against Newcastle United in the Premiership at Old Trafford.

Who has scored the most EPL goals in a season for Manchester united?

Cristiano Ronaldo 31. 07/08

How many gols did Cristiano Ronaldo score in his career?

Christiano Ronaldo has scored about 200 goals in his career , at Sporing Lisbon, Manchester united and Real Madrid.

Who scored when Manchester United beat Porto 0-1 on 19 September 2007?

On 19th September 2007, Manchester United played Sporting Lisbon, not Porto. They won 1-0 and Cristiano Ronaldo scored.

How many goals did Cristiano Ronaldo score at Manchester United?

Career statisticsClubSeasonLeagueCupLeague CupEuropeOther[51]TotalAppsGoalsAppsGoalsAppsGoalsAppsGoalsAppsGoalsAppsGoalsManchester United1994-95175303220002571995-9626102112210031141996-97243222140103361997-983182010721042101998-9931661101241051111999-00319-001133045122000-0132600001261045122001-023582000131105192002-03331431631020052202003-042896400511040142004-053396320701049122005-06202000071002732006-073064000111004572007-08241300071003422008-09212213060303532009-10283002173103872010-1114100002010171Total458102411321912526150660150

How many goals has Ronaldo Cristiano scored against Chelsea?

How many goals Ronaldo score against Chelsea at Manchester United

How many goals did ronaldo scored in his first season with Manchester united?

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon in the summer of 2003. In his first season at the club, he scored a total of 6 goals in 40 games - 4 in the league and 2 in the FA Cup (which United won that season, Ronaldo scored a goal in the final).

How many goals has Cristiano Ronaldo scored since he was a pro on all of his teams put together?

Cristiano Ronaldo has played for Sporting CP, Manchester United and Real Madrid with a total of 226 appearances and a total of 92 goals.

How many free kicks has Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Manchester United in total?

On an average basis of a season, he scores about 11. So, in 6 years he may have scored almost 70.

What are Cristiano Ronaldo's achievements with Manchester United football club?

Most sold player. Won a few player of the month awards in the premier league. Scored a lot of vital goals for them.

What is one of Cristiano Ronaldo accomplishement?

ronaldo got so succsesfull because he practiced aver dayronaldo got so succsesfull because he practiced aver day

How many champions leagues has Cristiano Ronaldo won?

Cristiano Ronaldo has never won the champions league as it is a team event. He was part of Manchester United when they won the league. He also scored the first goal of the game with header crossed in from Wes Brown and he also missed a penalty in the penalty-shootout