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Van Persie had a total of 1 goals against Chelsea. This was one of his best overall performances defensively but yield little in the way of scoring offensively.

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Q: How many goals have tevez scored against Chelsea?
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How many goals has carlos tevez scored against Manchester united in his career?


How many goals did Carlos tevez score in 2009-2010?

Carlos Tevez scored 27 goals in the 2009-2010 season.

Who has scored the most goals in olympic football?

Carlos tevez

Carlos Tevez has scored how many goals this season?


Who has scored the most fa goals for Manchester united?


How many goals has tevez scored this season?

19 in total.

How many goals has carlos tevez scored in the 2007-2008 season so far?

2007-2008 Tevez scores 19 goals for Manchester United.

Which players have scored 4 or more goals in a single match in the premiership?

Tevez and Messi.

How many goals has carlos tevez scored so far in 2008 - 2009 season in all competitions?


How many goals has carlos tevez scored?

19 so far, but I'm sure he'll score more before the season is over.

How many goals did sergio aguero score last season?

Tevez has scored 43 goals since he was signed at Manchester City.

Who is a better player Carlos Tevez or Kun Aguero?

Although Aguero has more goals, overall, Tevez is the "better" player based on stats from 2010/2011.Having more assists than Aguero and at the same time having almost the same amount of Goals scored as Aguero,Tevez shows that he can be a goal scorer as well as a "team" player, something Aguero seems to lack.