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Kettering town football club with 823 goals, last game with Eastwood town 3rd Jan 09

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Q: How many goals have kettering town scored in the fa cup?
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How many goals has Steve bull scored?

He scored 20 goals at Tipton Town, 2 at West Bromwich Albion, 306 for Wolves and 9 for England.

How much does Peter Clarke earn at Huddersfield town?

If you mean how many goals he scored then he scored 8 goals out of 81 appearances. Hes a defender so he doesn't score much. He is currently the captain of Huddersfield town

When was Kettering Town F.C. created?

Kettering Town F.C. was created in 1872.

Who is Huddersfield Town all time top scorer?

George Brown. He scored 142 league goals and 17 fa cup goals, so scored 159 goals altogether.

What is a barely know town?


Which was the first football team to have shirt sponsorship?

it was hibernain The first English club was Liverpool, Hitatchi in 1979 it was kettering town 1976 with kettering tyres fact.

Who has scored the most goals in one premiership match?

Andrew Cole of Manchester United scored 5 in a 9-0 defeat of Ipswich Town in 1995.

What town is better corby or kettering?

Corby equals crap, kettering equels best team ever :):) Kettering are much better mate corby ar crap

Who has scored the most FA cup final goals?

The footballer who has scored maximum FA Cup final goals is Ian Rush. He has scored a total of five goals in the finals of the FA Cup for the football club of Liverpool, United Kingdom in the year of 1986. He has also broken the record for scoring 346 goals for the club of Liverpool. He has broken many such football records and picked up a lot of honours and awards in his lifetime. He has had a successful football career and has played with many famous football clubs such as Juventus, Leeds United and Newcastle United among many others. He used to play football at the national level for the country of Wales and has also managed the football club of Chester City. He has also received the European Golden Boot award in the year of 1984 for scoring a record of 32 goals in that year.

Where can you find a Kettering travel guide?

There are a number of websites that offer a travel guide to the town of Kettering in England. These include Expedia, Wikitravel, Virtual Tourist and the Kettering Borough Council website.

What team has scored the most goal in fa cup?

I believe it to be Kettering Town. Can this be confirmed with the stats? Correct Played Goals 347 774 Kettering Town 372 773 Aston Villa 322 729 Gainsborough Trinity 366 721 Tottenham Hotspur 377 689 Manchester United 290 686 King's Lyn 380 676 Arsenal 363 671 Everton 344 660 Blackburn Rovers 282 645 Enfield 297 644 Worksop Town 357 639 Sheffield Wednesday 278 635 Barnet 268 624 Trowbridge Town 334 611 Wolverhampton Wanderers 309 611 Luton Town

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