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he has scored 199 goals so far in his football career

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Q: How many goals has zlatan ibrahimovic scored?
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How many goals has Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored in the world cup?


How many goals have zlatan ibrahimovic?

all information about zlatan ibrahimovic in his football life

How many clubs in the champions league has zlatan imbrahimavic scored for?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has scored for a record 6 clubs in the Champions league. He has scored for Ajax, Juventus, Inter MIlan, Barcelona, AC Milan and PSG.

How many goals did ibrahimovic scored for freekicks?


Has anyone ever scored more than 100 goals in 3 different countries?

yup many ,, Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic (AC Milan) for example .. zlatan ibrahimovic hasn't scored 100 goals in one country never mind 3!?!?!? spain 16 holland 35 italy 99 sweden 16

How many goals has Zlatan Ibrahimoviฤ‡ scored in his career?

He has scored roughly 307goals and counting.

How many goals has ibrahimovic?

More than 1 .

How many goals has Messi scored?

how many goals has messi scored

How many goals has maradona scored?

He has scored 292 goals in his career.

How many goals has nani scored?

nani has scored 987 goals

How many Goals did Pele scored in Brazil?

He scored a thousand goals.

How many time Ibrahimoviฤ‡ won the champions league?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has never won the Champions League. However, he has won the UEFA Cup with Barcelona.

How many goals has Samuel Eto'o scored?

how many goals eto,o scored in this season

How many goals has ronaldinho scored this season?

Ronaldinho have scored 185 goals

How many goals has Torres scored for Liverpool?

Maxi has scored 4 goals

How many goals did robinho scored?

robinho scored 110 goals in his career.

How many goals were scored in 2006 world cup?

There were 147 goals scored.

How many goals has sneijder scored in 2010 WC?

He has scored 5 goals.

How many goals has tottenham scored this season?

they have scored 9 goals this season

How many goals has lampard scored in his career?

Lampard has scored 126 goals.

Amy scored a certain number of goals x Beth scored twice as many goals What is the expression for the number of goals Beth scored?

Beth goals = 2x

How many goals has Gary Neville scored?

Gary Neville is a defender so he has not scored many goals.

Who is the best striker in the world at soccer?

There are Many great strikers but a few of the best are. Zlatan ibrahimovic, Christiano Ronaldo, David villa, Wayne Rooney, benzema.

How many goals has jelivic scored for everton?

In 24 appearances he has scored 14 goals.

How many goals has Ronaldo scored for Real?

he scored 57 goals in real madrid

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