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He has scored 5 goals.

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Q: How many goals has sneijder scored in 2010 WC?
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How many goals has Spain scored in the 2010 World Cup?

they scored seven goals.

How many goals did Spain scored in the 2010 world cup?

Ten goals were scored.

How many goals has ronaldinho scored his career?

892 goals, most were scored in 2000 to 2010

How many goals scored in 2010 football championship?

There were 107 goals scored in the 2010 All-Ireland senior football championship.

How many goals scored by Italy in 2010 football world cup?

They scored 4 goals in the 2010 World Cup Finals.

How many goals did gonzalo higuain scored in 2010 fifa world cup?

He has scored 4 goals.

How many goals have Ghana scored in the 2010 world cup?

5 goals.

How many goals has robinho scored in world cup 2010?

2 goals.

How many goals scored in total at the world cup 2010?

145 goals

How many goals have been scored by Spain in 2010?

Spain scored 8 goals. This is a record as it is the lowest numberof goals scored at a world cup by a winning country.

How many goals scored in 2010 world cup to date?

133 goals (as on 5 July 2010)

How many goals have the England squad scored 2010?

They scored 4 four goals only, defoe, Gerrard and Upson.