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Ronaldo won the Golden Boot in 2002 with 8 goals

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Q: How many goals has ronaldo scores in world cup 2002?
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What was the number of goals scored in the 2002 fifa world cup by ronaldo?

Ronaldo scored 6 goals then.

Who Most goals scored 2002 football world cup?

Ronaldo scored 8 goals in the 2002 tournament.

Who is the top scorer in the World Cup 2002?

Ronaldo, of Brazil, was the top scorer at World Cup 2002 with 8 goals.

Who scored the most goals in 2002 football world cup?

Ronaldo with 8 goal

Who was the top goal scorer in 2002 world cup?

It was Ronaldo of Brazil, with six goals.

Top scorer of 2002 FIFA World Cup?

It was the Brazilian Ronaldo Lima with 6 goals.

Which year did Germany loose the FIFA World Cup?

Germany lost the 2002 world cup to Brazil with Ronaldo two goals.

Name the Brazilian player that scored 2 goals in the 2002 world cup final?

Ronaldo, was the Brazilian Player, who scored the two goals in the 2002 FIFA World Cup final; 67th minute and 79th minute.It was Ronaldo's second FIFA World Cup victory (the first was in 1994), he finished the Top Scorer of the 2002 FIFA World Cup with 8.

How many goals has ronaldo scored altogether?

On final matches, Ronaldo scored 2 goals (2002 - Brazil X Germany) Overall, Ronaldo is the highest scoring player in the History of World Cups having scored 15 goals in world cup games.

Who scored the most goals in 2002 foot ball world cup?

The Brazilian Ronaldo aka R9 top-scored with 8 goals during the tournament, scoring a brace in the final against Germany.

Brazil have won the world cup a record 5 times but how?

The first three world cups had Pele and garrincha and in 19994 and 2002 ronaldo scored two goals to beat Germany.

What two teams fought in the World Cup finals of 2002?

The final of the 2002 world cup was held in Japan and S.Korea. The two countries to reach the final were Brazil and Germany . And Brazil won the game 2-0 with goals from Ronaldo Lima.