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He has scored one goal only.

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Q: How many goals has christiano ronaldo scored against Barcelona?
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How much goal has Christiano Ronaldo scored against Chelsea?


How many goals has christiano ronaldo scored?

Christiano Ronaldo Has Scored 145 Goals

How many goals has ronaldo scored against Barcelona?


Christiano Ronaldo scored his first uNITED hat-trick against which team?

Newcastle united

Which midfielder scored the most goals in one season for Manchester United?

christiano ronaldo christiano ronaldo

When did Cristiano Ronaldo score his first goal against barca?

When did cristiano ronaldo scored his first goal against barcelona

Messi and Christiano Ronaldo who has scored the highest goals?

Cristiano Ronaldo

How many times has Cristiano Ronaldo scored against Barcelona?

2 times

How much goals has cristiano ronaldo scored against Barcelona?

2 or 3 if i am right

How many goals has Cristiano ronaldo scored for realmadrid?

Christiano ronaldo has scored 32 goals for Real Madrid.

Who scored the most goals in all euro cups?

christiano ronaldo

How many goals christiano ronaldo score for purtagal?

He has scored 28