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Q: How many goals has Frank Lampard scored in the premier league?
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What midfielder scored the most premier league goals?

its normally Frank Lampard

Who scored the longest goal and who scored it?

I think it was scored by Frank Lampard for Chelsea at an Premier League match against Stoke City in 2009

How many premier league goals has Frank Lampard scored?

Frank Lampard, as of the 6th January 2010, has scored 113 Premier League goals. 24 of those coming from his time at West Ham, and 89 and counting with Chelsea.

What are the list of players who have scored against every premier league club?

Kevin Phillips, Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard are some of the players who have scored against every premier league club.

What midfielder has scored the most premier league goals?

Very few premier league midfielders have scored over a 100 goals. Topping the pile is Chelsea's Frank Lampard with 131 league goals and he's 2nd in the Premier League's all-time assists table with 156 assists The other players are Ryan Giggs with 108, Paul Scholes with 102 and Matthew Le Tissier with 101.

Best goal scoring midfielder in the premier league?

Frank Lampard

Who is lampard?

Frank Lampard is professional English Premier League soccer player for Chelsea football club.

What football club does frank lampard play for?

Frank Lampard plays for Chelsea FC (Premier League) and for the English Squad (World Cup).

Players that have scored in every decade of the premier league?

Kevin Phillips, George Boateng,Nicolas Anelka,Frank Lampard,Danny Murphy,Louis Saha,Damien Duff

Who had the most assists in the premier league this season?

Ryan giggs with 96 then frank lampard with 84.

What player has scored the most goals from outside the box in premier league history?

It's Frank Lampard. As of October 2012 he has 33 goals from outside the box. 2nd is Gerrard with 29.

Who was the last player to score 4 goals in premier league game prior to arshavin?

Frank Lampard